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China Sourcing

  • Insider's look at ALIBABA Inspection Services
    • Posted on 23/04/2016
    • By srinivasan
    I’m still pissed off about “Ali-scam” where Alibaba staff were in collusion with Chinese crooks to trick foreign buyers into placing orders with suppliers that didn’t exist in exchange for a piece of the take.
  • Genuine Products From China?
    • Posted on 23/04/2016
    • By srinivasan
    If you are finding pricing from China that is below what you can find back home, be very careful. Scam artists on the internet prey on foreign buyers who think they are getting a great deal on genuine products.
  • How an a sourcing consultant help Hotel/Motel Project Managers/Owners?
    Finding products and vendors, communicating and coordinating with suppliers based thousands of miles away – all of this adds up to a time-consuming process that requires great effort, taking you away from the planning and execution of your dream project as well as the day-to-day running of your hotel or motel.
  • Trading Companies VS Manufacturers in China
    It appears that not every booth at a trade show is a factory. When you place orders, they turn out to be a trading company. How do you identify the difference?